The Hotel Plus™ Destination Portal product is the clockface of the Direct Marketing Channel concept.

          Hotel Plus’s Direct Marketing Channel concept combines its direct to consumer model with a highly effective marketing strategy. This concept enables Hotel Plus to provide hoteliers with a saving in advertising dollars and a gain in online revenue.
Hotel Plus’s Direct Marketing Channel concept is unique to Hotel Plus and clearly sets Hotel Plus apart from wholesalers, third-parties and travel agents.

          Hotel Plus has become a valuable source for travel agents and as the trend of veering away from GDS fees continues to gain momentum Hotel Plus’s travel agent base is growing exponentially.

          One key facet of the direct to consumer model is what is commonly referred to as the “Cash-cow feature”. This feature provides an immediate cash flow for the hotelier contributing toward a healthy economic environment.

          We continuously reaffirm our position as a leader in revenue generation and invite you to experience “the alternative” by partnering with us. Contact our administration offices on 1.407.872.1650 or click here to schedule a presentation.




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